Mono & Me

Posted by Budi on Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bright, vivid and stylish, Barcelona’s Mono brand was created by Swedish designer Camilla Brindfors and is known for its inspiration of different cultures and modern design, along with being worn by today’s top celebrities. The accessory lineup fuses Scandinavian design and South American craftsmanship for a release of Cross bracelets in four new styles. The Calavera, Pon Pon, Cross silver and Cross gold are handmade and come in 40 different colors with the idea that customers will collect them to make their own unique color combinations when worn. 

Each with their own special meaning ! 
Red - passion, sensitivity, love Blue - harmony, friendship, devotion Green - hope, balance, youth Yellow - enjoyment, creativity, rich life Pink - kindness, sensitivity, pleasure Orange - party, pleasure, happiness White .

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